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Lake County Property Search Tips

General Property Information (GIS Mapping)

Go to:


What you'll see:

Click Property Tax on the Applications line


What you'll see:

Wait until the map completely loads.


Click Search on the Command Tools line


What you'll see:

Enter the PIN if known; otherwise enter the address.

In our example we searched for 

1503 Hamilton Ct.



Click the Search button


What you'll see:


Note that the parcel is highlighted in yellow on the map. The left frame displays the Individual Tax Parcel Report. Use the scroll bar to view the remaining information.

Now, experiment with some of the other views. Click on Locate, Label and Legend, and play with the options.

Notice that you can view property addresses, PIN numbers, assessed values, sale date, etc. You can also select an aerial view.

Click on Tax Map. A new window will open, displaying a pdf file.

What you'll see:

Using the PIN as a reference, you can zero in on the specific property and find the lot dimensions.

Here we have zoomed in to enlarge the view for 1503 Hamilton Ct.

Note that the parcel in question is 50 ft wide by 107 ft deep.

I have highlighted the parcel in yellow for you; normally the parcel will not be highlighted so you'll have to search a bit harder. Notice the last 3 digits of the parcel number.

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