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     Drug Raid Aftermath

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Two apartments in this four-unit Lake County building were raided by the Tactical Narcotics Team.  They literally "came in through the bathroom window" of one apartment, destroying the plaster and tub surround.

Use your best effort to remove suspected drug dealers by negotiation.  Filing a Suspected Drug House Report should be your last option, because your property is likely to suffer a great deal of destruction during the raid.

Don't think you can avoid the damage by providing a key, either.  Emotions run high during drug raids.  And even if there's no physical damage to your unit, you may still find it necessary to evict the tenants for Illegal Activity, and be responsible for disposal of all their trash.

The Wages of Sin

This solid-brick behemoth with pitched roof, full basement and separate utilities boasts four apartments plus a fifth space that might be used for a commercial enterprise such as an insurance office.

Our pre-raid estimate of value was $240,000 or better,  provided the seller first took care of several cosmetic issues.  He had installed new steel entry doors to the rear apartments, and found some new tenants.

After the raid, the owner became a motivated seller.  He wanted it gone "this week." Because of the damages and condition of the property, coupled with the owner's motivation, the property sold in 26 days for $202,000.




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