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Landlord's Right of Entry in Illinois

by Mel Metts

Many landlords assume that they are legally entitled to enter their tenantsí units with reasonable notice.

Would it surprise you to learn that there is nothing in Illinois law that guarantees you right of entry into your rental units? According to The Landlordís Legal Guide in Illinois , "Under Illinois common law, the landlord does not have the right to enter a rental unit during the term of the tenancy. Every lease must include a clause that reserves the right for the landlord to enter the rental premises under various circumstances. This clause will list the reasons that a landlord may enter, such as to make repairs, to inspect the premises, to show prospective tenants or buyers, and in an emergency."

Your local landlord/tenant ordinance may or may not provide right of entry. I donít take any chances.

My lease contains the following provision: "Tenant shall allow Landlord and his agents free access to the apartment at all reasonable times, to exhibit, repair or inspect the same, and shall allow Landlord and his agents to display "For Rent" notices on the premises."

Make sure your rental agreements provide right of access for yourself and your employees.

More information can be found in The Landlordís Legal Guide in Illinois , by Diana Brodman Summers and Mark Warda, Attorneys At Law (Sphinx Publishing).