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ISBN-10: 0-9793250-0-5

ISBN-13: 978-0-9793250-0-7



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About the Author


Mel Metts has been in the landlording business since 1985.


He is active in the Lake County, Illinois, real estate community, and serves on the board of the Lake County Apartment Owners Association.




First let me express my appreciation to all the members of the Wednesday night twice-around networking group. Their willingness to share landlording experiences contributed a great deal to the depth of knowledge I have accumulated over the past ten years.


A big Thank You to three friends who helped me edit this manuscript:


Mel Withrow, my former landlord who encouraged me to get started in the rental business, and proofread this tome with the precision befitting his engineering background;


Dorothy Milakovic, whose keen eye and decades of experience helped shape and clarify my presentation; and


Attorney Kevin Barry, who served as a sounding board and supportive critic through the final editing stages


And, my sincere thanks to my wife, Linda, who always told me, "You should write a book," and generously declared the result of this, my first effort, to be "riveting."

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